If your business hasn’t starting planning already, over the next couple of months it’s time to be thinking about what pastures and varieties you plan to sow.

To help aid this decision making process, the Pasture Trial Network (PTN) on-line tool and the results presented from a number of independent pasture trials across southern Australia may help inform your decision.

The Pasture Trial Network tool allows you to assess and compare the performance of more than 100 pasture varieties across the key pasture species for the red meat industry: including species of: phalaris, cocksfoot, tall fescue, perennial and annual ryegrass, sub-clover and Lucerne.

Productive and sustainable pastures are the key to improved profitability for red meat producers across southern Australia.  Pasture re-sowing is an expensive exercise. Selecting the variety best suited to your location, enterprise mix and management approach helps ensure re-sowing is a profitable investment. Comparing the performance of varieties at the one location can help determine which variety might provide “the best bang for your buck”, if all other costs are the same.

The PTN is designed to provide this information using an evidence-based approach, guided by industry-agreed protocols for trial design, establishment and maintenance.

To view the Pasture Trial Network tool – please visit:  https://tools.mla.com.au/ptn

To discuss your pasture performance or consider how pasture decisions impact your business, call us to arrange a visit by a Meridian Ag consultant.