Our Business, Values and Approach

Meridian Agriculture aims to be a nationally recognised agricultural and business advisory service providing independent, integrated and innovative advice to family businesses, corporate and indigenous agriculture, not for profit organisations, industry, government and agencies.

There are four core values that underpin the services delivered by Meridian Agriculture

We are Independent

It is important that we provide advice without the constraint or influence of commercial partners.

We value Integrity

We value honesty, integrity and transparency in our staff and clients.

We see value in Integration

We offer the highest value to clients through the diversity of our expert team working together.

We are Innovative

We provide innovative, flexible and practical solutions for all of our clients.

What’s our Approach?

How do we deliver on our promises to our clients?
Why should you work with us?

The Meridian Agriculture philosophy is simple.

We provide value for money to our clients.

We are professional, flexible, accountable and contactable.

We deliver objective advice, guidance and industry best practice.

We prefer to build lasting relationships with clients and industry to create change, improve profitability and deliver great outcomes.