People for Profit

The People for Profit program offers high quality training, ongoing support and peer to peer learning for producers who employ staff within their business.

The direct costs of employing staff in farm businesses can be as high as 25% of typical total annual expenditure. So developing an understanding of people management is a valuable business practice. This program focuses on the knowledge and skills required of both employers and people managers, to manage the people who work for them.

Face to face and online discussion activity form the core of the program design within a group setting. Group members meet over a year for facilitated discussions, training workshops and information sessions.

The program has been developed by agricultural consulting company Meridian Agriculture based on insights gained and feedback received from clients who have placed emphasis on developing their people management skills.


For more information about forming or joining a People for Profit group, contact Ben Reeve at Meridian Agriculture on 03 5341 6100 or email Ben Reeve below.


The program is for those who operate farm businesses and employ at least one staff member (including family members).

This may be an owner, a manager or senior staff member who has a role in the management, supervision and or/administration of an employee.


  • Six Sessions over a year program
  • Three half day face to face meetings
  • Three online sessions


  • The HR system in a farm business
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Managing Different Personality styles
  • Understanding Different Learning styles
  • Knowing Relevant Industrial Relations Laws
  • Working in Teams
  • Managing Underperformance
  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Recruiting staff
  • Using Effective Induction Processes